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This page is designed to provide students or those interested in finding out some some quick information about Canada, it's 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Remember this is just a quick source and if you need more in depth information please use some of the links provided or continue searching on the internet.

Bookmark this page now so you can find and use these references over and over

Health related links for Canada
Health Canada – health concerns

Gov’t of Canada site
Health Canada

main site – recalls listed
Health Canada – Food & Nutrition

hints for healthier eating

Food & Nutrition including Canada food guide
Health Concerns

ideas to live right
Consumer Product Safety

Health Canada - Injury prevention
CanadianCancer Society

national, community-based organization of volunteers… Provincial links as well
Cancer View Canada

Linking Canadians to cancer services, information and resources; link to Canadaian Cancer Encyclopedia
Canadaian Breast Cancer Network

The national network and voice of breast cancer survivors
Canadian Cancer Research Alliance

cancer research
Canadian Cancer ActionNetwork

voice for cancer patients
Canadian Medical assoc. Journal

see what is new and exciting
Canadian Healthcare Network

Canada’s online destination for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare executives.
Canadian Medical Assoc.

Physicial portal to the CMA
Canadian Medical Foundation

supports physicians
British Columbia Doctor Directory

do you need to find a doctor?
Dr Sharma

Obesity research
Canadian Veterinary Assoc.

info for your pets
Health, Fitness & Wellness - Medbroadcast

health related topics
Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research

Injury Preventions Specialists – traffic safety
National Canadian News source

near bottom of page lists many regional newspapers
National Film Board of Canada

One of Canada's National
use with parental supervision only
Canada Council for the Arts

One of Canada's National
supporting Canadian creativity
National Ballet of Canada

One of Canada's National
artistic site

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Here you will find useful links for finding out even more information on Canada. We have attempted to categorize them somewhat to assist you.

Learning Resources

page links highlighting areas suitable for research on Canada
Children's topics

links page games; links; activities; safety;
Museums in Canada

page links highlighting some top museums in Canada
Entertainment options

links page highlighting Entertainment sources in Canada
Medical options

page links highlighting Medical resources in Canada
Canadian Sports

links page highlighting Sports sources in Canada
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the air is fresh with lots of wide open territory to explore in a safe enviroment

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